Beautiful Deceivers

I plan to make this entire year my bitch
as I seek out joy like it’s a golden snitch.
2022, how the fuck do you do?
Introductions are in order for both me and for you.
My name is still Aaron, and I am a friend of yours,
this is a special year, but it is not the end, of course.
It is just the start of a brand new chapter
as I try to capture that feeling called rapture.
As I try to pass for a man who is happy,
by silencing demons that are laughing at me.
The truth of the matter is no one can save you,
and in this game of life you get only one play through
so don’t fuck it up by putting your trust in others
people get betrayed by friends, lovers, and bothers.
Put your trust in yourself, give love to no one else…
a Patronus Charm is a self-defense spell
because we are the ones that we can believe in
while life and its demons can be so deceiving
so if you’re receiving a sign that is pleasing
it’s for a good reason and trust in the meaning.
It is a brand new year, and a chance to start over
so do yourself a favor and act like a boulder
and treat all of your goals like they’re Harrison Ford,
chase those fuckers right down, a mission you can’t abort.
Support yourself, and the things you’ll accomplish
will astonish yourself, mirrors often standoffish
will start to look different and be more inviting
with less internal fighting and no hate inciting.
Exciting, isn’t it? The thought of a clean slate,
self-love seems to only exist in a dream state,
but what if I told you that it’s a reality?
I wouldn’t believe it either, you’re right to be doubting me.
But I want to be proud of me, my heart in its totality
to feel its own warmth that I often let out of me.
Not this year, however, it’s time to be selfish,
and not bow down to a succubus elf witch,
or any other type of beautiful deceiver
if one whispers to me I will not believe her.
I’ll pocket the change I usually help others to find
they can pay their own fare through this life, I don’t mind.
I’ll leave them behind, for if they really matter
I’ll see them again like the rungs of a ladder.
Since people who matter will not let you fall,
they’ll answer their phones when you give them a call,
so every time you get sent to voicemail
turn your energy inward, and don’t let yourself fail.
It’s a brand new year, but you’re the same old you,
you made a false resolution like you were told to do.
Fuck that, don’t rely on special occasions to change,
that concept is both motivating and strange.
Grit your teeth and for once learn to bite your own tongue,
be the person you dreamed you’d be when you were young.
Go for a run and go pick up some weights,
eat something green when you’re cleaning your plates.
Read some more books and write out your madness,
find silence in nature and inspiration in sadness.
Whatever your goals are, only you can achieve them,
even one step moving towards them will help you believe them.
Don’t wish upon a shooting star,
or wish for kicks and moving cars.
Wishing is the defeated version of manifestation,
it’s like trying to become cultured while on a staycation,
it’s accepting less than what you can attain
or saying you can’t go outside just because there is rain.
If you are weak minded, go make your body strong;
if you are weak bodied, then go make your mind strong.
Weakness and strength come in different forms,
but whatever the weather life is better in storms
just ask Boba Fett or anyone who’s a trooper
since life is just one endless reel full of bloopers.
It’s super, it’s stupid, it’s life, and it’s lovely
Clint Eastwood could tell you there’s good, bad, and ugly,
but not everyone is glad with sunshine in a bag,
some blame their penalties on others just for throwing a flag.
Fuck that, own your failures, and make halftime adjustments
instead of critiquing the world, make some internal judgments.
Don’t live for other people, go live life on your own.
Don’t read other people’s books, try writing your own.
If you’re not afraid of commitment, commit to this year
and accomplish your goals while overcoming your fears.
Take this voyage with me and beside the “x” you can sign,
I’ll be cheering you on until you cross the finish line.
I won’t carry the weight for you or tell you where to go,
but if you listen to your heart and your mind they will know.
Let’s show the world what we came here to do,
2022, we’re fucking coming for you!
Let’s make this entire year our best single hour
and destroy our demons like The One Ring of power.


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