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Meet My Friends

This is a poem that I wrote about how much time I’ve spent alone over the past several years and the conversations that I have with myself in my head on a daily basis, both bad and good.

Bird Not Followed

This is a poem that I wrote recently about how some things fly away out of our control. It was written entirely to and inspired by a piece of music by an artist I recently discovered, “Petti Fryi Petti” by Eivor. I was walking to the store and wrote this on the sidewalk, as the music was literally pulling the words out of me. It also helps that I don’t understand the language it is sung in, but I have since learned that there is a version in English called “Piece by Piece”.

Only Yesterday

This is a poem that I wrote last night after the title phrase came to me, inspiring the rest of it. It is just about how quickly life happens and how everything feels like it was just a day ago, all of the events that have led me to where I am today.

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