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Sewing Kit

This is a poem that I wrote recently about a bad dream that I had, that was painfully vivid and caused me to wake up in a bit of a panic. I often have these vivid dreams, but this one was particularly intense emotionally and inspired this poem.

Whispers of a Wallflower

This is a poem that I just wrote using the concept of a wallflower, in its meaning of a person who will show up in a social setting but avoid the spotlight. My great-uncle wrote a poem about a wallflower once that my mother liked, and though I haven’t read it, I was inspired by it.

Burning Phoenix

This is a poem that I wrote yesterday about how time has changed me so much and my perception of the world, but despite how much I feel like I burn, I always seem to rise from my ashes and persist as life goes on.

Writer’s Block

As the title suggests, this is another poem written in spite of writer’s block. It is meant to be read quickly, almost like a rap, and was an effort to get as creative as I could with rhyme scheme in order to fight against writer’s block and get the creativity flowing once again.

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