Please Remain Calm

Dark figure walks through a city as night with a tall demon rising up behind him.

It’s enough to sit in silence
let alone to open up and vent
and I’m an open book at times
with pages missing, it’s evident
I ripped them out on purpose, yeah
So what, those words were just for me
I’ve kept secrets in for tens of years,
I am good at hiding, it’s so easy.
Hiding in my shadow
Hiding like a coward
Hiding from the arrow
Hiding in the tower
Suppressing years of anger
people think I’m funny,
really I’m a psycho
Dateline story’s coming.
This is just a poem
no need to be worried
I have waited ten years
I’m not in a hurry.
Working up a temper
Devil’s on both shoulders,
lines are getting blurry
warm heart just got colder.
People think they know me
really I’m a stranger
they think I’m a comic
really I’m a danger.
Breaking down the fortress
I built up for decades
shaking out the sillies
time to wear the next face.
Truth is in the writing
just go back and read it
ice behind these blue eyes
future, oh who needs it.
Calm, calm, please remain calm
suppress the mess and don’t confess
despite the red blood on my palms.
Psalms, psalms, what page are they on?
Caught red handed in the land where
everything is wrong.

Calm, calm, please remain calm!
Calm, calm, please remain calm!

Sirens going off
silence never stops
lights are flashing red
it’s all in my head.

Please remain calm!

Self-implosion coming
me and myself running,
my dark thoughts are let in
suicidal veteran.
Tell me that I’m crazy
truth is you can’t save me
this is the beginning
dark or light, who’s winning?
Fists are flying quickly
darkness tries to trick me
pinning me against me,
oh, the bait is tempting.
Gargoyles and spirits
I scream, but who hears it?
There is no protection
anger’s an infection.

Calm, calm, please remain calm!

I don’t have it in me,
rage is rising swiftly.
Aaron, you don’t know me,
Aaron, oh come hold me!

Calm, calm, please remain calm!
Calm, calm please remain calm!

My head in my hands
demons in the stands
watch me on the stage
I suppress my rage.
Drink some water, breathe,
walk along the beach,
I am with you Aaron,
thank you, friend, for caring.


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