Welcome to Aaron Michael Lynn, a personal creative writing blog consisting of fiction, poetry, and song lyrics, run by… well me, of course. All of the creative writing featured on this blog will be original, some of which will be older and previously written while other work will be brand new. I recently finished the third and final novel (for now) in my Troika Trilogy, and I am currently re-publishing the first two books so that all three are consistent and up-to-date with my writing style. Much of the poetry I post will be rhymed in either traditional or original rhyme schemes and styles. Many of the songs contain rap verses and are poetic in nature. Please feel free to reach out to me with any comments or any questions you might have about me, my blog, or the meaning or intention behind any of my writing! Thank you for stopping by site and feel free to check out the bookstore where you’ll find all of my books available on Amazon.