Arisen From Bygones

Arisen From Bygones

Arisen Kindle

Become One with The One in the next enthralling instalment of Lilly Laventhorp’s adventure on the Isle of Troika!

‘Home is where the heart is…’

Lilly Laventhorp hasn’t felt at home in her beautiful house on Hermit for over a year – since her beloved husband, Miles, was murdered. The hole in her life deepened further after the tragedies of the early summer. The community still holds the memories of their fallen comrades in their hearts, but people are focusing and moving forward. Despite her sorrow, it fills Lilly’s heart with warmth as her friends, Sybil and Irving announce that they are expanding their little family.

“Troika was changing, and all knew the change would be drastic…” 

Troika is an isle soaked in traditions and culture, celebrated with especially when an Election for the new mayor is called as the Chief of Police, Lena, steps down from the temporary position. Suddenly, the entire Isle of Troika nominates Lilly and Loveday and rallies around them as they are pitted against each other to run for office.

Reluctant at first, Lilly can’t shake the ideas of bringing more tourism into Troika and improving the lives of her community – something that the local cult, the Five Legion League do not appreciate. Through ways and means (not to mention pulling limbs) the Five Legion League get Loveday appointed as mayor. As a man closely tied to the Five Legion League, Troika is their playground to place their pieces on. They shut off communication from the outside world, reverting the entire Isle to a scene from medieval times – and any opposition in their way is dealt with in the harshest of punishments.

Bitterness can nest even in the purest of hearts, and Lilly does not hold the Five Legion League in high regard following their involvement in Miles’s death. But as the dark tides churn and the Five Legion League begin spilling blood to get what they want, Lilly will take up arms to protect her loved ones and the new friends who’ve given her a new home and family again.

‘If you are home then you can never really be lost.’


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