Definitions of Perfection

This is a poem that I wrote about the reality that we are all very different, that we all have different ideas of perfection and what would make a perfect world, therefore we cannot create a world that is perfect for everyone and that's okay.

Poems of Insomnia: Four Poems Written in the Late of Night

I don't think that I have previous made any posts containing multiple poems, so I thought that this might be fun. I was up late last night, just wired with inspiration and melodies in my head, so I ended up writing four poems very quickly one after another. Only positive thoughts; only good inspiration; only in the dead of night.

Love, Come and Find Me

This is a poem that I just wrote inspired by a pleasant change of feeling I've been experiencing lately. I no longer feel any loneliness or sorrow. I am so comfortable with myself. I am open to love, should it come and find me, but I will not be seeking it out. My time is better spent loving myself.

Heroines for Hanna

This is a poem that I wrote a few days ago, reflecting upon having finally finished my novel trilogy after three years. It tells the story of how it began and speaks to somebody who heavily influenced my creation of the series and its characters, someone who I refer to as 'Hanna' anytime I write about her.

Story Time: After 3 Long Years, I Completed My “Troika” Trilogy!

This post is a big longer and different than my usual posts. It is the full story of my creation process for my Troika Trilogy and how it came to be, which I have finally completed after 3 years of constant hard work.