A Daughter Named Lilly

This is a poem about how since I was a teenager I have dreamed of one day having a daughter named Lilly. I'm not even sure why, I just love the name and have always wanted that. The last person that I loved thought this was very sweet, and while I thought that she might be Lilly's mother, it appears that I still need to find her.


The Piano Lesson

So, I ended up writing a second poem today, again inspired by the music. This time it was Ludovico Einaudi's "Seven Days Walking (Day 7)" album. This one is a bit more 'raw', and it includes some background noises like a creaking piano bench and it inspired this poem.

Mother, Will A Day Ever Come?

This is an except from my upcoming novel "Forsaken of Silence", Troika: Book III, which mirrors a very similar section from the previous novel. They are the only two sections quite like this in the whole series, and for whatever reason I am very fond of them.