We were supposed to be together for all of this week
I have so much to tell you with no strength to speak,
no strength to speak,
no place to be,
for my place in your arms was ripped wrongly from me.
I was going to show you my home of before
all the people, the nature, and all that’s in store.
Memories cherished is all we would make
and I don’t wish to perish as if by mistake,
as if by mistake,
it can’t be my fate,
if it takes my whole lifetime it’s well worth the wait.
The place that I grew up I grew out of
the place I ended up I’m on my way out of
the place that I am going doesn’t feel like my home yet
so, I cannot help but to feel quite homeless.
Home to me is where the heart is and my heart lies always with you,
take from me love and the place I call home you take with it my life and happiness too.


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