Hypocrites in Droves

We complain about our lives,
yet we are terrified of death.
We want love that never dies,
yet we settle for less and then fight.
We hope our friends will have our back,
yet we talk often behind theirs.
We dream of fame and fortune,
yet we do not wish to earn it.
We desire lovely things,
yet we hope that others can’t have them.
We want every voice to be heard,
yet we mock those with different messages.
We plead to save our planet,
yet we march for this on concrete.
We demand that people listen to us,
yet we do not want to hear their replies.
We insist that we are free,
yet every inch of earth is claimed.
We react to people’s posts,
yet we never call their phones.
We give others great advice,
yet we refuse to heed it ourselves.
We are hypocrites in droves,
yet we are all each other has.


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