Always on the Map

A compass sits on an old map of the world

A society comes from sticks and stones
and then they reach the moon,
what more for them is left to do
or will the end come soon?

Once in the world there were unknown lands
and places left to claim,
now every square inch is owned by man
and everywhere feels the same.

Shelter, water, food, and heat
were one time all we needed,
now those are given and we are bored
have we failed or have we succeeded?

Licenses, permits, and degrees,
taxes, charges, and more fees,
are just a few things that you need
to sell a fucking apple seed.

Stay up to code and pass the test,
ensure your building is the best,
stay in the lines they drew for you
or else your neighbor just might shoot.

Any question is answered in just ten seconds
using a device or a hands-free method,
every question about life has, it seems, been answered
we are walking on the moon and we are dying from cancer.

What more do we have left to explore,
what else do we have left to expel,
what mystery is lying in a world so defined,
but for misery and crying in a world so confined?

I can see you as you read this, you are grinning,
but do you see for me why fantasies are winning?
I just want to follow spirits leading into the unknown,
but if you’re always on the map then you are never on your own.

I tend to ramble when I write and I’ll admit it,
but since it helps to pass the time I’ll never quit it.
I just need to find a strange book, a wardrobe, or a rabbit,
because dreaming in the day for me has come to be a habit.


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