Introverted King

Statue of a king holding crown and putting the crown on his head.

Sometimes I grind when I unwind and then I find I’m underrated,
at times I hide internal rhymes that come to light when I’m debated.
I write at night or in daylight it might just mean I will not stop,
but I won’t fight in forts at night a fortnight gives me time to drop.
Still I don’t feel like I need to chill and in fact I can kill it in my sleep,
I’m out getting clout and I shout in a redoubt, rhymes like fire in its finest keep.
I’m feeling at home, is it rap or a poem? Doesn’t really matter, no, if I keep the beat,
and I’ll lose all control when I crawl out the hole, better polish off the throne, let me take my seat.

Too fast, now it’s too slow,
well that’s too bad, it’s a new flow,
and I won’t stop, but I will go,
standing on top of my killed foes,
let’s go!

Pulling out a sword, cutting through my mind I’m bored, and I’m already walking off towards the door,
it was coming out the sheath that was hidden underneath and they beg me not to leave as they ask for more.
Holy insanity, it’s poetry, “Can it be?” Yes it can, it isn’t always sad or weird.
Sometimes it’s direct like a bullet to the neck and I pull it like a headshot as they feared.
Violent in the best way but only if they test me, otherwise I’m silent, it’s an introverted thing,
fist on the pistol better get a grip though rhyming with a clip full, I’m a picture perfect king.
I have sent for help for my mental health and the hand I’m dealt, still in life I’ve found a use
and I’m strong as hell and I will excel and I never fell, despite a decade of abuse.
Oh, the cat’s out the bag so my shoulders I can sag, and the weight that ever dragged me down is gone,
flexing my brain stems you cannot change them they’ve been in the same gym getting so strong.
Survived and I’m still here my eyes never build tears I’ve tried to conceal fear, but now there is no need,
God’s a general who gives stripes, I’m not afraid to live life, emotions I will still write at such a speed.

Looking through the window of my mind and what I’ve been through and the places I have been to and the gifts that time will give you and the hope that I continue to hold onto though I sin too and I hope that I will win soon all the battles in my mental as I search for continental comforts like a hotel venue in the morning with the wet dew and I hope your mind will let you come with me, don’t be upset too, I just hope that you’ll be blessed too and despite the way that time works do not think I’ll soon forget you.

Like a king size candy, what a big bar,
benching the whole rack, I’m gonna go far,
truth in the words that have never been colder
new in the game with a handheld controller.
Controller or a keyboard, I would not seem sure,
I’ll put away the sword earlier I had a need for.
Never underestimate an expert at his craft,
and never come to guess the fate of riders on a raft,
and never think of me as less than expert lever rhymer,
I beat the game, restart, reframe, this time I set a timer.
The flow that I bring sails swell like a swing, every time that I’m writing it’s a picture perfect thing,
without further ado it’s the moment of truth let me introduce to you please, the Introverted King.


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