The Woman that Music Made

Woman in a white dress sitting and playing a piano.

Who is she?
Let me introduce you
to the woman that music made.
She is a child of the afterlife
a daughter of the father,
she is a friend to those in other realms
and the protagonist of melodies.
She is the ember still burning
when the fire has died,
she is the patron of reason
when life is lacking logic.
She is the mother duck walking
and leading the team,
she is the daughter of devotion
with an open heart and open arms.
She is the lioness of morning
and the fox when darkness falls,
she is the keeper of all kindness
and the sharer of the womb.
She is the pages of an open book
yet still difficult to read,
she is the thinker of the deepest thoughts
yet still quite easy to love.
She is beauty, strength, and softness
on a canvas made of glass,
she is comfort, lust, and purpose
as a masterpiece of art.
She is someone, she is something,
she is the woman that music made.
She is someone, she is everything,
she is the woman that changed my mind.
She is the listener of stories
and the teacher of songs,
she is the calm after the storm
and the lullaby of life.
She is the dreamer of dystopia
and the flower for the bee,
she is the fighter of her demons
and the ally of those in need.
She is alyssum as her arm suggests
and ready for the world,
she is the light that others follow home
a shooting star that never fades.
She is the blood that she can’t bear to see
and the flesh of psalms and hymns,
she is the patient princess of the rain
and the woman that music made.


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