All of the Angels

People are quick to forget about you,
case and point:
all the people not reading this.
I’m not complaining
since I know that I am
hardly any different.
Hypocrites, they come in droves,
I know because
I walk with and among them,
so who am I to judge their failures
when my own to me are paramount.
A pair of mountains we must climb are:
accepting truths and learning from them.
To reach the peak of one is clouded out
by the shadow of the other.
In my mind my demons haunt me,
I’m sure this is the same for you,
perhaps their words are all too new
or something you’re accustomed to.
All I know about myself is
that I am a good listener:
I let the demons air their words out
and keep my mouth shut until they’re done.
I think about the things they say,
and find the truths within the haystack.
They might be sharp, but to feel their sting
is a pain that reminds me I’m alive.
But somewhere deeper within my mind
and within my heart is a place so beautiful.
Waterfalls sing and the glaciers reverberate,
leaves dance and sway like the world is theirs,
oceans collide with the rain in the sky
and the past and the future make peace
in the present, pieces of Heaven.
This is the place where all of the angels go
I just lose my way every thrice in a while.
We love to make mention of our demons,
but we often forget to speak of our angels
and I find this quite curious
like the focus of the news.
Your angels do not forget about you
the way that people tend to do,
so do not forget about them
when you battle your demons
in your heart or your mind.
You might have mountains yet to climb,
but your angels are with you inside.

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