Cuts from Sea Glass

This is a poem that I wrote the other day about hurts that you don't expect to come. I also just concluded my most recent collection of poetry, "Explosions of Another Dimension", and this will be the first poem in the next collection that will have the same name, "Cuts from Sea Glass".


The Fantasist

This is a poem that I wrote more than two years ago that just never made it onto the blog, but it just so happens that I am finally starting a monthly newsletter that is named after this poem! Please give it a read and subscribe to my newsletter for a more in-depth look on my writing process, projects, and other things!

Whispers of a Wallflower

This is a poem that I just wrote using the concept of a wallflower, in its meaning of a person who will show up in a social setting but avoid the spotlight. My great-uncle wrote a poem about a wallflower once that my mother liked, and though I haven't read it, I was inspired by it.