Sticks and Phones

We’re connected to the world
but disconnected from our neighbors
we take pride in finished products
but no pride in all our labor.
With amenities and luxuries
served to us on a platter
the land that we are walking on
tends less and less to matter.
With lives so free and easy
we need reasons to complain
so we fight our friends and family
about things we can’t explain.
With internet and deliveries
we expect the fastest speeds
never slowing for a breath
to think of what we really need.
Many have lost their faith in God
I guess believing in themselves,
but when their confidence is low
do they believe in something else?
I don’t judge, I’m asking questions,
which is how us people learn.
If there are things you need to know
just raise your hand for it’s your turn.
I stand alone within a forest
and hear sports cars start to cry
so I walk deeper in the wilderness
as planes pass in the sky.
People label themselves red and blue
I see a sea of purple,
but stay divided, lead with hate,
and just fight if that’s what works though.
I walk freely in these woods
and turn my head to sticks and stones
and think often and aloud,
“How did we go from this to phones?”
Puzzled as I am though
I take none of it for granted.
Although my heart is past the clouds
upon this earth my feet are planted.


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