The Earth, Your Old Friend

It is a hard thing to accept:
the importance of a life.
Most people alive
will never learn your name
will never hear your voice
will never know your thoughts
or learn your story,
nor will the people
who have already passed.
You may know hundreds
perhaps even thousands,
and be known by many more
perhaps even millions;
we alive are billions
and those who have passed
are incalculable.
Very few become legendary
and even those who come close
are soon forgotten;
millions compete
while history remembers
a handful.
Even those who excel
and reach the top of their craft
might be put in a hall of fame
that crumbles eventually
into the sea
with its memory.
Of the billions of human beings
that have lived and died
throughout history,
name just two hundred…
we will be here all day.
For most of us our impact
is close-reached and short-lived,
which isn’t such a bad thing,
but it is something
to keep in mind
as we go about our business
and work on reaching our goals.
And while the people
living on the earth
may be quick to forget you,
the earth herself won’t forget.
God may lay claim to your soul,
but the earth, your old friend,
keeps your bones.


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