Au Revoir

This is a poem that I wrote about a month ago about saying goodbye to this chapter of my life. It is a bittersweet thing; bitter since my life here did not work out despite how hard I tried to make my house a home and my relationship a family, but sweet since I am excited for the next chapter.


Letter from the Ones Who Hurt Me

This is a poem that I wrote last night while walking down the city sidewalks in the cold after a run. It is from the point of view of the people who have hurt me, as if they are possessing me to write a goodbye letter that I never received from any of them.

She Walked On

This is a poem that I wrote recently, partially inspired by things I have felt and experienced in the past, but not entirely based on my own experience. It's just about the concept of love coming to an end because often times only one person sees it coming.

The Gardens of Her

This is a poem I wrote about a lost love. My first book of poetry was titled “The Gardens That Were”, and both that title and the title of this poem are derived from a poem that appeared in that book. “gone, lost, departed / like the gardens of her / I would cut it all down / for the gardens that were”. Gardens being something beautiful, were being locked in the past. For me, the memory of her is something beautiful, but something locked in my past.