Tale Spins

This is a poem that I wrote recently to help me get out of a spell of writer's block. I am working on my long fantasy series as I write poems every couple of days, but the past few weeks I've been in a creative lull. This was an exercise to use rhyme, internal rhyme, and opposing concepts to help get the creativity flowing.


Bird Not Followed

This is a poem that I wrote recently about how some things fly away out of our control. It was written entirely to and inspired by a piece of music by an artist I recently discovered, "Petti Fryi Petti" by Eivor. I was walking to the store and wrote this on the sidewalk, as the music was literally pulling the words out of me. It also helps that I don't understand the language it is sung in, but I have since learned that there is a version in English called "Piece by Piece".

Acting Lessons

This is a poem that I forgot about until now, that I wrote the other night half asleep before bed. A few times in my past different people have hurt me, whether deliberately or not, and I've been told I play the victim when I react naturally with real emotions. So, apparently I must have taken acting lessons along the way if even I didn't know I was just 'playing' the victim. It's a lighthearted yet bitter poem lol.

The Gardens of Her

This is a poem I wrote about a lost love. My first book of poetry was titled “The Gardens That Were”, and both that title and the title of this poem are derived from a poem that appeared in that book. “gone, lost, departed / like the gardens of her / I would cut it all down / for the gardens that were”. Gardens being something beautiful, were being locked in the past. For me, the memory of her is something beautiful, but something locked in my past.