Acting Lessons

She said that I must like to play the victim,
Ha! I’d rather play any other game, love,
look the other way, love.
She was too blind to see I was the victim,
Ha! I’d rather have any other name, hun,
I’ll be on my way, hun.
She held her pretty head up smug and righteous,
Ha! You’re the queen of clubs, love,
beat me til I’m numb, love.
She walked away all proper yet with swagger,
Ha! You really set me straight, hun,
not a day too late, hun.
Next time you’re out for blood in need of vengeance,
Ha! Choose your enemies, love,
do not start with me, love.
Next time you’re out to break a broken person,
Ha! Shout and give a shove, hun,
unconditioned love, hun.
Somebody hurt me and I said, “You hurt me,”
Ha! “That’s something you should never say, boy,
the victim’s what you play, boy.”


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