Hallow Be Thy Name

Hallow be this broken home,
and memories of yore.
In certain light I see your face
like truth it chills my core.
Look at me, don’t turn away;
for every time you do
I watch the visions fade away
with every inch of you.
Black birds try their best to sing,
but how I hate their songs
and every time you fade to gray
you stay away too long.
Stop! To me come back and back
is where you once belonged,
the look you bear is what we share
I swear we both were wronged.
Fill with color, come to life;
please do not turn around.
I’ll stay the course and wait for you
on noose or underground.
When at last the time arrives,
your sullen face will shine.
Together we will turn around
and walk, your hand in mine.
Color will restore what was,
oh hallow be thy name
as holy light will guide us to
the house from whence we came.


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