Dancing in the Rain

“Do I look like the type of person
who wouldn’t dance in rain?”

Puzzled by her phrasing
he looked at her like she’s insane.

“I’m not afraid to be cold or get wet,
but rather to never again have the chance.”

He took a deep breath, taking in what she meant.

“Then allow me please, kid, to have this one dance.”

With pleasure she measured the space in between them,
lending her hand like a library book.

“I’ll never forget our first dance in the rain,
it was the greatest opportunity in life that I took.
I wish that you all could have seen how she moved,
but in a sense I am glad only I did.
Life gave me the greatest of gifts that it could have,
but took it from me the moment you died, kid.”

Dressed up in black and choking on his words,
he took a deep breath, taking in what she said.

“Her message was simple; take chances in life,
and remember to live well before you are dead.”

As soon as the dirt hit the coffin that held her,
the sky opened up as the proof she was saved.
And he wept with a sorrow and wept with a joy,
as his feet took control while he danced on her grave.

“Why do you dance around like you are glad?”

His granddaughter asked with a tear if her eye.

“For you she made music, for me she had movement,
and I know in my heart she will dance in the sky.”

Together the crowd bowed their heads down to pray,
and the music was played as they stood hand-in-hand.
She leaned down to her grandfather and suddenly whispered,

“Hearing the notes…I finally understand.”


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