Explosions of Another Dimension: A Book of Poetry

I finally published my 4th book of poetry and my 7th overall book, Explosions of Another Dimension. The title was a random phrase that I thought of nearly two years ago and I stuck with it because it seemed to fit perfectly. The first poem in the book shares the same title. This is all work that I wrote in 2020 and 2021, much of which has been shared here on my blog.

Although I very recently experienced a sudden and heavy heartbreak, which is reflected in the final pages of the book, the vast majority of the book has a much more optimistic tone than my previous books. What is so fun about writing these books of poetry is the fact that they function like a journal for me, reflecting my state of mind over time and showing how much my overall mood and mindset has changed.

Subsequently, when I am happy in life the poetry is more positive or turns outwards and becomes a social commentary, whereas when I am heartbroken that tends to be the focus of my writing at the time, along with the dark thoughts and feelings of sorrow and hopelessness that tend to come during those times. While I don’t plan to saturate my next book of poetry too heavily with these feelings, I do tend to find the most creative inspiration when I am feeling pain and so there will definitely be some of those themes in the near future.

It is both pitiful and beautiful that pain tends to bring me the most inspiration. It is pitiful because I wish I was inspired more frequently by love and happy thoughts, but it is beautiful because I turn sad and negative feelings into art. Nevertheless, Explosions of Another Dimension is relatively optimistic and includes themes of self-love and acceptance, which is a sign of my personal growth. This book ends the inspiration drawn from the last person I loved, having finally found a new love to fully get my reminiscent heart over the last one. Tragically, this new love was ended much sooner than it should have been in a very unexpected way, so now I have new inspiration to draw from.


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