It doesn’t take a village just to do a simple deed,
in fact it hardly takes much effort when somebody is in need
it takes a little bit of character, a teaspoon of compassion,
but to focus on ourselves is more than ever now in fashion.
Imagine if the norm was just for us to hold our weight,
and help the world to spin round without a doubt or sounds of hate.
Instead of weighing others down we did our best to lift them up,
instead of hating what’s inside it we were thankful for the cup,
instead of whining that the world doesn’t cater to our thoughts
we vocalized internal cries and put our demons on the spot.
I wish the normal that we knew was finding good within the bad,
instead vice versa is the curse that lets us know that we’re all mad.
It doesn’t take a saint to jut recite a simple prayer,
in fact it hardly take much time if shreds of selflessness are there.
But we all think that we are gods, we use his name and don’t believe,
yet we’re alone, depressed, and anxious, but our pride we’ll never leave.
We think we have all of the answers and recite what we are told,
and we preach down to all our neighbors all the lies that we were sold.
Seven billion people living, go find me five that all agree
on every little thing in life, you never will but will you see?
It doesn’t take a scholar to just accept what we don’t know,
it fact it hardly takes much humbleness to make some room to grow.
And it doesn’t take a bible nor a science book to be
and find some meaning of our own allowing our minds to feel free.
We stand atop our pedestals, thinking the world owes us all
yet it’s this very selfish mindset that will cause us all to fall.
Make a conscious effort daily to do a single selfless deed
and one day karma might protect you in your time of dire need.


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