This is a poem that I wrote recently about humanity and how we are often selfish and narcissistic, and how we often to forget to keep seeking out our own answers to life.

Fire, Cruel Mistress (With a Golden Cross We Stand)

This is a poem written about the fire that took place at the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. I saw a photo taken in the aftermath of a golden cross unscaved, and subsequently saw a video of the beautiful harmonies of the people singing at the vigil in the streets the next day. Even as our world burns, Mother Mary, Our Lady, Notre Dame, still stands.

The Church is Up in Flames

This is a poem about how so many people like me seem to be too lazy and selfish to fit one hour a week of going to church into their schedule. I personally feel a lot of guilt about this and plan to eventually break the habit. Even if you don't believe in God, organized religion, or the overall message of some faiths, when you are inside of a local church as part of a congregation during a is a blissful experience.