Letter from the Ones Who Hurt Me

This is a poem that I wrote last night while walking down the city sidewalks in the cold after a run. It is from the point of view of the people who have hurt me, as if they are possessing me to write a goodbye letter that I never received from any of them.

Cuts from Sea Glass

This is a poem that I wrote the other day about hurts that you don't expect to come. I also just concluded my most recent collection of poetry, "Explosions of Another Dimension", and this will be the first poem in the next collection that will have the same name, "Cuts from Sea Glass".


Stronger than You Know

This is a poem that I wrote recently for someone that I love who often thinks that they are much weaker than they are, not even realizing their own strength and potential that they display on a daily basis. It is a reminder for her that she doesn't hear from anyone else, including herself. She is a beautiful bird and a strong woman and inspires me greatly.