Cuts from Sea Glass

She always notices rainbows,
she is a glimmer of light
yet she always walks in darkness,
I hope she will be alright.
I gave every ounce I could have
and she took it all from me,
but she got enough and then took off
I hope that one day she’ll see.

She loves to watch the sunset
she is a golden bouquet
yet she is her own worst rival,
and that’s why she did not stay.
One day she will see my warm face
when she looks up at the moon,
and she’ll regret with eyes so wet;
I hope that she looks up soon.

She hurt me like deep cuts from sea glass
it’s something that you don’t expect,
now the memories are what I search for
like something that you go collect.
A broken trust, from love and lust
to strangers within the world,
and all I wanted was a future
where I would call her my girl.


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