Stronger than You Know

You criticize yourself
like you were taught to do,
you cut yourself no slack
yet still you’ve made it through.
You’ve walked a lonely path
with nowhere else to go,
and yet you don’t realize
you’re stronger than you know.

You’re quick to blame yourself
apologies on hand
as if the world’s mistakes
are something you have planned.
Composed you keep your cool
at times put on a show,
and still you fail to see
you’re stronger than you know.

You give all of yourself
without a second thought
and time spent on yourself
you think is all for naught.
You hold your daughter’s hand
and watch her as she grows,
and teach her every day
she’s stronger than she knows.

You think you’re by yourself,
but those days now are gone.
I’ll help you see your worth
just promise to hold on.
You’ve dealt with many pains
and faced the winds that blow,
one day I think you’ll find
you’re stronger than you know.


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