Don’t cry for me once I have passed
for I was never meant to last
if I may speak on my behalf
my purpose was to make you laugh.

Moments sweet as summer’s kiss
a tale to tell, a well to wish,
a dale to dwell, a bell of bliss
a life to miss and reminisce.

Quick I came, more yet I went
a thousand letters I’ve unsent
the wasted moments I have spent
the good I’ve done, still I repent.

A wretch like me here has no place,
I hope I find amazing grace
the path I’ve trod I’ll not retrace
the wrath of God will soon enlace.

The seasons came each in a line
I tried to tell you I am fine
but I was given every sign
to take the bread and drink the wine.

He came to me some time ago
out in the forest with Thoreau
and told me all I need to know
to laugh despite the status quo.

Feelings older than my skin
I dare not doubt the voice within
I’ll simply sigh before I grin
and weep with harp and violin.

This tabernacle lost its light
a well fought battle lost its fight
take every line and then rewrite
for I find solace in the night.

I’ll rest well to know you laughed
write mindfully my epitaph
don’t cry for me once I have passed
for I was never meant to last.


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