Slow Demise of Man

Building and gear cogs on floating island in the sky

The slow demise of man
with a weapon in our hand
we are both predator and prey
such we have been, thus we will stay.
Born only to complain
we curse the sun then hate the rain,
invade the seas, invade the skies,
as Mother Nature’s glaciers cry.
We kill our friends and cage our foes
where it began nobody knows,
this evil lives within our blood
and every year we watch it flood.
Hold the door and hold your breath
the arms that hold you mold your death,
the vows you made were simply lies
to give you time for your disguise.
We hate the norm and hate the strange,
those too involved and those estranged,
we think that love is full control
and that the road to love has tolls.
A perfect world is just a dream,
so when we’re woke we tend to scream
and in our sleep we tend to thrive
queen of the bees, king of the hive.
Reality can make us bitter,
a challenge helps us find the quitters,
a basic truth can make us rage
like feral creatures in a cage.
Humans murder, torture, rape,
bully, brawl; there’s no escape.
As the slow demise of man
unravels do the best you can
to drop the weapon from your hand
and make, for peace, a final stand.


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