Letter from the Ones Who Hurt Me

Dear Aaron,
We know you never got this letter
so we’re possessing you to write it
isn’t that though all the better?
You never got your closure from us
because we shut the door,
but we got everything we needed
so what are you asking for?

Oh Aaron,
You know you’re holding on too tightly
although when we provoked
you never turned it into fighting.
You gave us everything we needed,
hell you even gave us more.
That is why we waved goodbye,
again, that’s why we shut the door.
In life you lead, heart on your sleeve
at times you’re too emotional,
and so you bleed red when we leave
you need to let the past shit go.

Sweet Aaron,
You changed our lives in many ways
and helped us to live on without you,
we haven’t talked in years or days.
Remember the words we said back then
on the day we decided to go?
We didn’t realize those couple of seconds
would embed in your mind and be stowed.
We never wanted to write to you
or explain why we did what we did,
so instead we erased all memory of you
and sat in the silence and hid.
We decided possession was dire tonight
as you walk in the cold as our scribe.
We, the ones you loved who hurt you,
have formed in the darkness a tribe.

Oh Aaron,
You give and you give and you barely take anything,
we hope you forgive us
since we all took everything.
From the bottom of all of our hearts,
black as coal,
we’re sorry for all of the joy
that we stole.
You always make jokes
and you rarely complain,
you find beauty in small things
and comfort in rain.
You made us feel special
all you asked in return
was reassurance of love
that you worked hard to earn.

Dear Aaron,
We’re moving on to lesser things
and we’ll complain that we don’t have
exactly what your loving brings.
Your impact on our lives
made every little thing much better
and as you stand alone tonight
out in the cold and write our letter
we just need for you to know
that we do not think you are strong,
but in a sick and twisted way
we hope that you will prove us wrong.

Cold Regards,
The ones who you loved


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