Gardens of My Love

I just want you to know,
that you are valuable.
I know that you broke my heart
and in truth you tore me apart,
but that doesn’t mean I hate…
I still think that you are great.
The way that you led me on
and the fact that you are now gone
was cruel, and it hurt my soul,
a promised future that you then stole.
Despite all the pain you caused,
there’s beauty in all your flaws.
Ever since you were a girl,
you’ve been beaten by this cruel world
so I wanted to bring you bliss
since you’re deserving of happiness.
I have no clue what I did wrong,
still I remind you that you are strong.
You tried to erase all memory of us,
which cut me deeply, but I’ll not fuss.
Please don’t replace me with someone else,
I hope you learn to love yourself.
Focus less on the mundane things,
and more on the hope love brings.
Put your phone down, pick up a pen
find your passion through art again.
You have talent and you spread joy…
even if sometimes it’s a ploy.
Your potential is so much more
than you’re given credit for.
You’re creative, please don’t forget
or I fear that you’ll have regrets.
I encouraged time spent with me
could be for creativity.
I wish we were still a team,
and that we could live out that dream.
I am haunted by words you said,
I hope you find some peace ahead.
I just want you to know,
you’re a flower with room to grow.
The gardens of my love hold
a place for you to grow old.
I hope once you learn to breathe,
you’ll pause and remember me.
Despite what you’ve put me through,
I will always have love for you.


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