Deep Thoughts

I suppose you could say
that I’ve been a deep thinker for a while.
When I was a little kid
I would lie awake at night
thinking about God
and who created God,
and the afterlife as nice it sounded,
and eternity as scary as it sounded.
I would wake up my parents
and they knew just what to say
even in the middle of the night
to calm me down;
they still know just what to say
even in the middle of the night
to calm me down.
I guess I haven’t changed much,
only my fears have.
I still have some of the same fears,
but I try to accept the lack of answers:
“God created God” makes as much sense
if not more to me than
“The universe created itself”.
Religion versus science:
nobody knows the truth
no matter how much they tell themselves
that their opinions are facts.
The fact of the matter is
that my opinion is this:
something or someone is responsible.
But how is the origin of existence possible?
I have been freaking myself out
with questions like this one
since before I knew how to multiply
or write cursive;
I’m still not great at either,
but I still ask myself
the same terrifying questions.
I wish I knew how
to think shallow for a while,
but when you’re searching for answers
you have to dive deep.


2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  1. I ask myself the same question, sometimes. Like, my mind just wander in that direction. But, I guess my faith is stronger than my doubts. Amazing piece of work.

    Hi, I am Ragazza Triste, you can also check my blog page, maybe we can be friends and learn from each other. Have a good day! 🙂

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