Have Your Back

It’s sad yet kind of funny
just how quickly people change
as they claim to have your back,
but then ignore you and your pain.
And you will reach out with both hands
and tell them all you have is love,
but when they’re looking for perfection
you can never be enough.
You might try daily in some ways
to plain and simply make them proud,
and should you falter for a moment
they will leave you on the ground.
It’s when you realize all at once
that what they say they want for you
is really what they want for them
that you’re unsure of what to do.
Even pats upon the back
or deep connections forged in time
are not something to believe
since trust will never hold the line.
Shared blood or shared experiences
nothing really matters,
to trust the world or yourself
the only safe bet is the latter.
Keep a watchful eye out
as you step on through this life,
because the ones who have your back
might be the ones who hold the knife.


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