Open Road

I often think in-depth about
the roads I never got to travel,
wondering with an emptiness
what was waiting for me at the end.
Were these roads smoothly paved
and lined with fields of wildflowers
and holly bushes that scattered red
throughout the greens of shrubs and trees?
At the end of these roads
was there a place I could have called home
with smiling faces and warm embraces
of people who never stopped loving me?
In truth I think on this too often,
but those roads have been washes away.
I need to replace the significance
of “what if” for “what is”,
because the road that I am on
is filled with beauty in its own right.
This road has ups and downs
and curves that I may not be expecting,
but embracing what is
instead of what could have been
is what I’ve never learned to do.
I think I am finally ready to learn
and embark upon this journey of life
down whatever road that fate decides.
I am a broken car on an open road,
and I dare say there’s no way to stop me.


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