Floral Skies

Victoria, Victoria, with valor in your eyes.
Floral illustrations; watercolor skies.
A medley full of melodies, your all but
mundane cries.
Let not troubles find you,
let not darkness blind you,
let not sorrows bind you,
they’re free in floral skies.
Cry a river, fill an ocean, set sail on your ark,
they fleeted from this life but they cannot flee from your heart.
You need not shed a single tear or craft a wooden vessel,
you gave these animals a love against which they could nestle.
Weep not, feel not, potent pain
Tears are simple troubles.
Tears come out of both eyes, doubled,
weep not, feel no pain.
Saint Francis watches from Assisi,
and Anthony will find you.
Noah you are lost at sea, see
that light will blind you.
Let them make, in gallant strides,
their noble way back home.
Victoria you set them free,
in floral skies they roam.
Beckon to the wind and hear them
whistle in return,
whistle through the trees,
floral sunsets burn.
Life is measured, not by days,
or how long one persists.
Life is measured by the ways
is which one does exist.
Victoria, a heart of love, and watercolor eyes,
you alone had made them,
happy and you saved them,
now they get to run forever in the floral skies.


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