Marty Mailman

Marty, Marty Mailman, drives his metal truck
Trapped inside his truck all day poor Marty Mailman’s stuck.
The door handle has vanished; the window has gotten small,
The truck is getting shorter all while Marty’s growing tall.
With all the rain that’s in his heart his shirt is getting wetter
But then he reaches down and finds that addressed to him’s a letter,

It reads, [chorus] “Marty, Marty Mailman, I see you’ve found my letter!
Don’t you see it’s not too late for all things to get better?
Marty, Marty Mailman, you’re now stuck in your truck
But if you want to find the door then Marty you’re in luck!
Marty, Marty Mailman, this letter holds the key
You must use your mind and heart if you wish to be free.
Marty, Marty Mailman, go be who you should be
Sincerely yours, your loving friend, your future self, Marty.”

So Marty, Marty Mailman, closed his ocean eyes
Until the waves within his head splashed down their sweet surprise.
When Marty, Marty Mailman, Opened eyes and looked around,
He was pleased with joyous glee at what it was he found.
Marty, Marty Mailman, has learned to be a go-getter
All because he aimlessly reached down and found a letter,

And it read [chorus]

Now Marty, Marty Mailman, has a business of his own,
He makes lots of money, never grumbles never moans.
Oh Marty, Marty Mailman, could never ask for more,
Now all sorts of letters are delivered to his door.
Marty, Marty Mailman, has become quite the trend setter,
Now he sits inside his office and composes a new letter,

Which reads [chorus]

Marty, Marty Mailman, ohhh-ohh-oh, Marty, Marty Mailman
Ohhh-ohh-oh, Marty, Marty Mailman, Ohhh-ohh-oh, Marty, Marty Mailman.


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