He and She

He goes to the garden, and picks the biggest rose
She goes to the bathroom, and powders up her nose
He goes to the window, and fixes broken panes
She goes to the laundry, and works out every stain
He grills them tasty supper, fixing them some meat
She gently rubs his shoulders, while he takes a seat

He was meant to be with she and she was meant for he,
She and he are free to be together he and she.

He and She
Were ever meant to be
He picks her up when she falls down
And she heats up the tea
She and He
May yet not ever see
How much they need each other
They’re so complimentary
He and She and She and He

She rushes to the office, for a meeting held at eight
He drops the kids off at their school, though he is running late
She calls him on her lunch break, his voice will make her day
He picks the kids up after school, and takes them home to play
She pulls out her files, and pays their every bill
He grabs a paper towel, to clean a messy spill

She was meant to be with he and he was meant for she,
He and she are free to be together she and he.


His garden is his home is his place to freely roam,
all the things within he must care for as his own.
She is spawned within his garden so he must take care,
for she is his to love and his love is hers to wear.


He and she (Adam and Eve)
He and she (Adam and Eve)


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