Nothing Else Matters

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Over her shoulder, the end of the world
laid out before her the one thing that matters;
sip down the allegories sat in your goblet.
Seven lights flicker in shades flashing green
and her problems are melting away,
so long as the fist clenches only for her
then there’s no pain of which she can’t bear.
Walk as you will in the silence befallen
with keys that unlock the new soundtrack of fate
and strings tying shoes of a sound you can stand
on the top of the world for its worth.
Let bygones be bygones as soon as your vengeance
has satisfied hate onto which you have clung, and
let icons and diamonds prepare to be ashes;
though your glass is half full, you should fill it up yet.
When it all comes to shambles in fire, dismantled…
your goblet might smolder and fall,
but as long as you part with the fist to your heart…
nothing else matters at all.


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