lotus-1205631_1920She was
the lotus flower floating in my darkest days,
finding sun among the shade
with promises of debts repaid.
She would move
because of me and
she would move
in front of me, but
even when the light would fade
came promises of debts repaid.
Time forgot
about us somewhere in the hour glass and
once upon a broken dream
I held the hands like melting ice.
It bewilders
me to think of how things change
in twisting, tangled vines of fate
and even still I do not cry.
No longer yet am I afraid
of promises of debts repaid.
None could ever lend such a hand,
nor tend such a land, nor mend the demands
that were made by those who
offered their souls at a price long ago,
so the water is dark
and that’s just how it goes.
On moral scales the crimes are weighed
with promises of debts repaid.
Rudimentary concepts of life
are in favor
of bridges
defeating the purpose of the waterway;
making room
in callous hearts
for paths besetting the need for the water.
Purloin, as you will
the shadows I want to embrace
and float on…and hold on…
and go on with the plans that you
had all along.
Ever was my word betrayed
by promises of debts unpaid.


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