Burden I Am Become

green-1072828_1920I’m sorry,
for all the evil done inside my head.
I’m sorry,
for every hateful word that I have said.
I’m certain,
that both my heart and mindset must be numb
allowing for the coward of the burden I’m become.

I’m hoping,
for totem poles to polarize the earth.
I’m hoping,
for lotus holes to sanitize our birth.
I’m fearful,
that flowers have but hours left to last
inciting me to write these novels taken to the past.

I’m praying,
for floral skies to not be sold for screens.
I’m praying,
for narcissists to find the in-betweens.
I’m sorry,
that I have done my part to take your hand
and rip it from its sockets, making profits off the land.

The book has lost its pages and the flowers lost their stems,
a world falls apart for carts of hearts and gems; amen.


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