The Eyes of God

Come to the water and stand by its edge,
the people are crying and crying and crying.
Come to the mountain and stand on its ledge,
the snow keeps on melting and melting and melting.
There is something to be said about our unanimity,
but is everyone right or are all of us wrong?
There is something to be said about our uncertainty,
for it leaves us with faith and our hope sung in songs.
Crowds tend to gather sharing hatred or love,
and they sing and they stomp and they head for the hills.
Hatred and love are the same to the core,
like sails crossing paths centered on a windmill.
Pain makes life real while joy makes it bearable,
friendships are all that we really can find.
Trust makes life work while doubt makes it terrible,
relationships seem to be all in our mind.
Reality can be interwoven with dreams
and together they turn all the tides of our blood.
We’ll weave us a vessel from strings of our hearts
and forever we’ll float on avoiding the flood.
If you say a prayer and then look to the sky
you’ll be heard, I am sure, even if that’s not clear.
If you shed a tear as you look up to cry
you’ll be seen, guillotine, and behead all of your fears.
Everything that happens does so for a reason
yet still we cannot predict one single thing.
If we dig in our hearts we will not find a crown
for it never would fit us for we are not king.
People will open their door just to say
that they are not in the mood at all to speak.
People will kneel on the ground just to pray,
but it seems only when they are sick or feel weak.
All of us share in the peace that we crave
though we compromise all of the wishes we spell,
for not until we find our bones in our graves
will we ever find any peace there for ourselves.
Come to the desert and stand in the sand
the feet here are burning and burning and burning.
Come to the forest and hold up your hands
the trees here are blooming and blooming and blooming.
Come to the meadow and take in the air
for with flowers and florets there is no façade.
Look to the sky for the reasons we’re here
for it all can be found in the eyes of our God.


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