Beware of Beautiful

Beware of beautiful
or prepare a funeral
for she slices thin air
into small shares of beautiful.
Deception is her art and you’re
the canvas of her masterpiece,
she’ll silence all your words
for they are workers of your blasphemy.
Beauty gives her everything until the day it fades away,
her reign will come with hopelessness
in many wicked shades of gray.
Trouble stems from yon there beauty,
partial purpose for the rain,
wash away the emptiness of
vicious, violent, fervent pain.
Her eyes do the talking while yours do the gawking,
beware though, of beauty, with danger you’re walking.
Beware of beautiful
or prepare a funeral
for she changes her hair
and there’s no way for you to know.
Inception is her start and you’re
the template of her tragedy,
she’ll beckon all your hurt
for it’s the work of your catastrophe.
Beauty can be deafening until the day it will decay,
her reign is loud and menacing
until the silence comes to stay.
Horror comes from yon there beauty,
open verses in the dark,
write away the nothingness of
ruthless, sharpened, cold remarks.
Her eyes do the speaking while yours do the seeking,
prepare though, for beauty, with anger she’s sneaking.
Beware of beautiful
or prepare a funeral
for she holds in her stare
the despair that is beautiful.

Check out the SoundCloud recording here


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