Au Revoir

Au re fucking voir to this chapter,
she chose smoke and stress over happily ever after.
She’ll stay stuck in place alone with her anxiety,
while I’ll be making changes at a supersonic speed.

Au re fucking voir to this small town,
she will stand in place as the world around her falls down.
I am making moves, I put my money where my mouth is
she is hypothetical, with joy is where her doubt is.

Au re fucking voir to this old house,
a house is not a home without some children or your own spouse.
I’m seeking out a happy life, she’s settling without one
I saw us as just beginning and she saw us as about done.

As re fucking voir to this dead place,
nobody is lively, not a smile or a red face.
How could they be blushing when nobody’s sharing laughter?
Drugs to numb the pain is all that anyone is after.

Au re fucking voir to these loud trucks,
the measure of a man is an engine revving, aw shucks.
I will pass that up and swap it out for lots of tall waves,
they can worship drugs and engines waiting for their small graves.

Au re fucking voir to this wasteland,
bitter winter winds and a bitter place where hate stands.
Pity for the children, no innocence is found here,
people love to choke on smoke and others love to pound beer.

Au re fucking voir to these headstones,
more graves than living people you could call this place a dead zone.
I wonder who will visit when these people’s time is done,
since she said she never visited a graveyard just for fun.

Au re fucking voir to the deep north,
hands upon the helm I’ll steer my life and help to keep course.
I was her only chance at happiness in twenty-seven years,
but she quit what she deserved because of deep, embedded fears.

Au re fucking voir to these pipedreams,
social media blinds her like she’s staring into bright beams.
She frets about her friend count, I count on friends I keep
I’ll miss the warmth we shared when together we would sleep.

Au re fucking voir to her cackle,
one of many lovely memories I’m trying hard to tackle.
She sounded like a monkey once I got her laughing hard,
I used to pass her thoughtful gifts and now she just drives past my yard.

Au re fucking voir to my hard work,
pleasure turned to pain, so will I become a scarred jerk?
Absolutely not, but I have to vent my pain
she was planning out our future, now I’m a single gent again.

Au re fucking voir to this past year,
I tried to make this house a home while I fought off every last fear.
I tried to build a loving family and find myself a wife,
and my unrivaled love was not enough, alas I guess that’s life.

Au re fucking voir to my French queen,
couldn’t break my heart in person so she did it via text screen.
I would have read to her and pleasured her and held her every night
instead she’d rather sleep alone and cold and fight her endless fight.

Au re fucking voir to my best friend,
quick to fall in love with potential for a blessed end.
I’ love to hold her for a lifetime and take her pain away
instead I’m forced to say goodbye and try to see another day.

Au Revoir!


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