Waste Away

All of the wonderful things
that I always said about you…
they were all true.
You are far too
sweet, creative, and beautiful
for the surface level people
that you surround yourself with
who have grossly undervalued you
for a lifetime.
You are too sweet
for the terrible lovers that you chose
before I came into your life,
who didn’t appreciate
how kind, strong, and capable you are.
You are too creative
for a superficial best friend
who had no interested in your feelings
when you were happy,
who actually tried making you feel guilty
for your happiness out of jealousy,
and who is only interested in your sadness
since they’re entertained by it.
You are too beautiful
for this small town that sees you
as some girl who’s insignificant,
because you are significant
and you are worth far more
than the drugs, smoke, and trucks
that you find yourself surrounded by here.
They see you for your worst qualities
while I tried to see you for your best ones
that you rarely credit yourself for.
Even if you choose to do it alone
and not by my side with my help,
please try to love yourself enough
to allow your good qualities to shine
and to allow yourself to be happy.
You are too sweet, creative, and beautiful
to waste it all away;
It’s not a waste, so find a way.
we weren’t a waste
and although you sent me away,
please do not waste away.


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