The Unknown Road

The unknown road
just might lead you home
it’s the best place to go
although the mystery gives hope.
“I wonder what’s down there.”
Well go! And find out.
“I wonder what’s out there.”
Who knows! Have no doubts.
“I’ve always been curious.”
Go! End that curiosity!
“I don’t know, it’s so mysterious.”
No! Go fulfill your prophecy!
“I’ve driven by a thousand times.”
Don’t make today one thousand one!
“I’ll come sometime when I have time.”
You’re lying, just go have some fun!
“Is there parking? Where’s the entrance?”
For folks like you they made a sign!
“But what if danger lurks with vengeance?”
With folks like me you’ll be just fine!
All I mean to say, my friend,
is turn onto the unknown road,
if all you find is peace of mind
then so be it, that much you’re owed.


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