A Place Where I Belong

Is there a place? Is there a place?
A place where I belong.
I know your face. I’ve seen your face.
Oh how the days have grown so long.
I missed the sound, that lonely sound
of my own voice raised in song.
I kissed the ground, such sturdy ground
which unlike me stands so strong.
Is there a way? Is there a way?
A way to find my way.
I pray one day, I hope one day
I will find my place to stay.
I smell your breath. I feel your breath.
The same breath we used to share.
I fear the depth. I feel the depth.
The well of memories that I can’t bear.
Is there a grave? Is there a grave?
A weathered headstone carved for me.
I need a wave, an ocean wave
to lift me up to the stars I see.
Perhaps a throne, a kingly throne
in a castle made of stone.
I’m all alone. Always alone.
I am more than flesh and bones.
Is there a place? Is there a place?
A place where I belong.
I miss your face. I’ve felt your face.
I should have known it all along.
I miss the eyes, those ocean eyes
and the way they’d look at me.
It’s no surprise. Oh how time flies.
Behind these eyes there’s a place for me.


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