It Says Here

It says here in the ink in my veins
in my blood as it stains,
It says that there may yet be hope,
I may yet live to see another day
if my life is in my hands then please take it away,
for otherwise I may not see tomorrow.

It says here in the breath in my brain
in my voices that strain,
it says please release your hands as,
I look in the mirror and see my own strangler
gripping my neck, the hands of my doppelgänger,
he is not a stranger, but wants to make sure that we don’t see tomorrow.

It says here in the hole in my chest
in my heart-lacking breast,
it says who are you but to be loved,
you are not meant to be loved, fool, she’s gone
the memory burns all the exits so you can’t move on,
you will burn with your heart in her love before tomorrow.

It says here engraved on the gates
in the gold as I wait,
you are late but at least you are finally here,
I was given no choice but I think I chose wrong
I take my hands off of my throat and come to after long,
I shake hands with the man in the mirror and say “I guess I will see you tomorrow.”


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