Shadow on the Wall

I always walked in your footsteps,
even though I could never fit into your shoes
and tried as I could to live as you did
in the yesteryear days then with nothing to lose.
I followed you often from palace to fortress
in days and in weeks and in never ending streams
of thoughts that flowed on quite imaginatively
through the wide open realms of our wildest dreams.
Time, it would seem, since has taken the longing
and twisted it into unrecognizable form,
but the truth is I still hide behind you as ever
I picture the night of the thunderous storm.
Twelve years had us then, more than twelve have gone by,
since I stood like a shadow behind on your wall
and I still won’t forget on the deck when I cried
after parting our ways in Rhode Island one fall.
I’m no longer your shadow, but I still have your back
when the light rises up I’ll be right by side.
To the ends of the earth I would follow you home
and find peace in the shadow where once I would hide.


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