His Confession

Bridge that held them as they walked,
is still intact these decades later.
Once upon a childhood
he chased her through a prairie, warm.
Years that found them separated,
he went north as she crept south.
Fate in good faith reunited
who, in time, they had become.
Although the bridge had faded lightly,
still it looked to them the same.
A few more months in tangled bedsheets,
twisted heartstrings, tied the knot.
The red-roof bridge was freshly painted
and listened as they read their vows.
A house nearby was built to comfort
little feet that soon would run.
A decade more and still his heart raced
when she’d look him in the eyes,
and hers would race when he would wake her
half expected, half surprised.
Laughter roared from all four children
sat out by their fireplace.
A dog adopted from a kennel,
all were drawn to how he played.
She was tired and took a nap
and he kissed her before a walk.
He walked alone, but soon was followed
by their friend with paws and fur.
Man and best friend off together,
walked upon that red-roof bridge.
He leaned upon the railing gently,
looking down his stomach sank.
With both eyes closed and much emotion
he pictured jumping down below.
His breath exhaled, his eyes both opened,
he looked up to a God’s eye view.
Then his dog barked with concern,
as though to say he’s listening.
The man got down upon one knee,
just like he did when he proposed.
“I’m still not happy,” voice through tears.
“Even though I have a perfect life.
The house, the kids, and you my friend,
and most of all my dearest wife.”
Guilt came through with his confession,
on that red-roof bridge close to his home.


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