A Daughter Named Lilly

One day I’m going to have
a daughter named Lilly
and I cannot wait
to guide her through life.
I have not yet met her mother,
although I’m excited to do so…
I think she will have fair skin,
a sunset heart of gold,
and snowmelt eyes that pierce my soul.
Lilly will guide and protect
her younger siblings
and will share with the world
her imagination
that will be larger than
the world itself.
Some things are worth waiting for
and if for no other reason,
she is reason enough to persist…
she is enough for me.
While the world might bring me
more houses or cars or jobs
I will smile the widest
when I look to her mother,
then look down at Lilly,
and see the reflection of us both
behind her eyes…
this is enough for me.


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